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Who's Holding You?

I have your baby.
I shouldn’t, but I do.
Society praises me.
While they vilify you.

I have your baby, 
She’s here with me.
Your arms are void, 
Mine filled with glee.

I have your baby, 
It’s crazy but true.
While I’m holding her, 
Who’s holding you?

I have your baby,
I rock her to sleep.
She’s warm and she’s loved,
While I know that you weep.

I have your baby, 
It shouldn’t be this way.
I know that we’ve failed you,
Now you both have to pay.

I have your baby,
Because we’ve let you down.
We tore you to pieces,
Rather than fixing your crown.

I have your baby, 
The guilt eats me through.
While I’m holding her, 
Who’s holding you?



An Update on our Growing Family

Each time I sit down to write I ask myself whether the content of what I share will harm or heal the individuals at the heart of the story. And whilst this generally takes the form of assessing whether the information I’m sharing takes away from the dignity of the victim, or hopes to aid […]

The Worst Best Thing

If you’ve been around for any length of time, you’ll know we have a steadfast tradition each evening as we gather at the dinner table. With great excitement, the quickest to the draw shouts, ‘Can I start favourite part?!?’. And with that we start the great ‘favourite’ game where each person around the table states […]

Waiting For Our Next Guest to Arrive

I’ve never quite got over this feeling of anticipation ahead of a new baby. This contrasting emotion of devastation at their lot in life, their lack of choice, their lack of control; my overwhelming delight at our meeting. I often wonder how I'll ever ensure that each child grows knowing that I sat like a […]

Look Where It Got Me

It’s laid on the cold concrete floor, and it feels like I am attempting to reach the sky as I stand up...
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