In our quest to be open about our journey, it seems authentic that we share not just the happy moments, not just the exciting times, but also those times that make us rethink what we’re doing.

And to be honest, it’s day’s like today, that we feel like giving up. It’s days like today where we wonder whether all our enthuse and desire to make a difference in the way things get done, will ever actually make tangible change.

It’s days like today that I just want to scream. That the frustration is so high that I could actually just weep. That they system feels so broken and ridiculous and encumbered with paperwork and dead ends, that I just want to run away.

How do we effect change in a system that prioritises case loads over children’s well being? How do we improve when the powers that be are jaded and desensitised? When trauma inflicted on those who make decisions is left unchecked. When complacence and negligence feel like the order of the day. How do we ensure that we don’t get sucked into the dulled sense of empathy and understanding that seems to be the default operational level in this space.

Why do we give lip-service to the ‘best interests of a child’ when in practise we don’t really care? 

My heart is aching today. Aching for humans who are just piles of paperwork to so many people. Files to those who make the decisions over their lives.

As I see out 2020, I rest in faith that the universe has conspired to make me this frustrated to motivate me to make change and persist, and not to run away in desperation at a system that seems hellbent on disregarding the whole little humans that it promises to protect.

Happy new year to all. May we all find peace in the closure of this crazy year.
xx Tiffini